Troubleshooting and Self Help Improvements

We have recently developed and released a wealth of troubleshooting and self-help documentation that addresses some of the most common problems our customers have. The following are the troubleshooting and self-help topics, by product:


Managing Users, Groups, and Schools

Importing Users

Importing Groups

Reset Password for User

Web Filter 2

How To: Allow and Block Websites

Website Access is Allowed but some Content is still Blocked

Authentication Issues

Reports Troubleshooting

How do I Connect my GAFE Users for SSO 

Google Troubleshooting 

YouTube Troubleshooting

What to do if Your License has Expired

Our Users are Getting SSL Messages

Why is My Web Filter Slow? = Speed and Duplex

Why is My Web Filter Slow? – Network

Users Getting Wrong Rule Set

Pinterest Facebook Snapchat Instagram and Twitter Issues

Adding an SEU


Mobile Manager

iOS Apps not Installing 

Apple ID Prompted During Installation

How do I Deploy iOS apps?

How do I get a Managed Distribution Token?

How do I Update iOS?

How do I Update Apps?

Where’s iOS 9.3 and Apple Classroom support? 

How do I Clear or Reset Passcodes?


Classroom Orchestrator

Tabs and URL History not Showing in Classroom Orchestarator

How do I Remove Old Groups?

Some Student Screens Are Not Showing

Unable to Broadcast to Chromebooks

Unable to Broadcast to Windows or use Windows Control

How to Add Users and Place Them in Groups

No Student Screens are Showing

How to Bulk Delete Groups